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Designer - NFR Lizenzen
Ventuz Designer combines the worlds of logic, animation, compositing and design in a real-time 3D environment. Complete freedom of creativity paired with data connectivity, state-logic animation, and instant implementation of interactivity allows for content that is truly unique.
MSRP: €6,990.00
The new Radeon Pro WX 7100 graphics card is the world’s most powerful single-slot workstation GPU1 and is designed for VR and the immersive computing era. VR, or Virtual Reality, is emerging as the next major industry inflection point for Design & Manufacturing as well as Media and Entertainment workflows.
MSRP: €2,400.00
ftrack Studio account with 10 users for 12 months
ftrack is a unique cloud-based platform that’s simple and accessible for users at every stage in the creative process. It lets users set up projects, allocate tasks, track their work in progress, review videos, make notes together and much more – all in a simple, collaborative workspace.
MSRP: €2,074.00
eGPU Sonnet BOX + WX9100
Sonnet's line of Thunderbolt 3 eGPU expansion systems bring high-performance, desktop-class level of video performance to Ultrabook and all-in-one computers with a Thunderbolt 3 port.
MSRP: €1,760.00
Cinema 4D Broadcast R20
Cinema 4D Broadcast has everything you need to create dynamic broadcast graphics quickly and easily. If you are a motion graphics artist looking to add 3D to your existing suite of tools, then this is the ideal choice for you.
MSRP: €1,547.00
X-Particles & Cycles 4D Bundle
X-Particles is a fully-featured particle and VFX system for Cinema 4D. Cycles 4D is the ultimate render companion with unparalleled access to X-Particles.
MSRP: €764.14
Learn how to use Cinema 4D with beginner training and best practices in modeling, materials and animation for MoGraph text and logos, VFX and more.
MSRP: €255.00
KitBash3d Model Kit
Your choice of premium 3d model kits with all the elements you need to create immersive digital environments.
MSRP: €172.00
Redshift is the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer. Redshift renders scenes many times faster than existing CPU-based renderers. Save time and money, and unleash your creativity!
MSRP: €432.00
Intuos Pro M
Built with high quality materials and designed to make the most of the amazing Wacom Pro Pen 2, Wacom Intuos Pro is our finest creative pen tablet to date. With built-in Bluetooth connectivity and a sleek new design, it’s easy to set-up and looks great on your desk. Start creating your next stand-out project.
MSRP: €270.00
C4D Keyboard
Logickeyboard, one of the world’s leading keyboard innovators, specializes in shortcut keyboards and keyboard cover solutions that are functional, stylish, and built for maximum efficiency.
MSRP: €119.00